Stephie Althouse, Ph.D. talked today at the MeetMarket on healthy living and she was informative, educational, inspiring and entertaining!  Stephie is able to speak about health topics that are often reserved for New Year’s resolutions.

Her understandable, approachable, enjoyable speaking brings issues to us as a pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Imagine that, something that is good for you being fun! And who doesn’t want what she is trying to help each of us attain- more “fun-filled healthy years of life”? Stephie’s talks are a “not to be missed” event!”

Patti Kileen
Cavan Design Studio, Inc.


Peter and Rommy Robinson

It has been an absolute pleasure to meet and work with Stephie Althouse. She is an award-winning scientist and a relentless researcher, and her deep concern for family health and welfare is readily apparent. She is one of those rare people who can light up a room with her enthusiasm, and she is a walking testament to the effectiveness of her personal health strategies.

Stephie is currently advising my wife on her pre-pregnancy health regimen, and it has already resulted in an improvement in her overall health and sense of well-being. It is exceedingly rare to find someone with her combination of knowledge and passion in any field, and she is certainly the only family health consultant we will ever need.

Peter Robinson
MovinMetal, Inc.
Author CAR FU
Self-Defense for Car Buyers

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