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Hi friends,

Let’s face it, getting a toddler to eat their vegetables (and sometimes fruit) can be a challenge! You want your child to grow big and strong, and be focused and sleep great at night (all the wonderful benefits of eating healthy) but it’s hard! After a long day or rushed morning, giving into your child and their eating habits can sometimes be the one thing that stops you from a complete meltdown. I get it. I’ve been there. That’s why I went into problem solving mode on how I can get my child to eat healthy and not make it such a struggle every morning. Enter the Smoothie. Oh the Smoothie, such a wonderful thing, even for us adults. You can throw in so many greens, and power foods that you wouldn’t normally get and it still tastes like a treat! Here are the top 5 ways that worked for me in getting my toddler to enjoy (not just drink!) his daily morning smoothie.

  1. Let your child help. Let him be right up there in the action of making the whole thing come together. Give her little pieces of the food to put in the blender, their own spoon for putting in the peanut butter and of course hitting the power button on the blender.
  2. Let them do taste tests along the way. Throwing in a banana? Pause for a quick “taste test” before putting it in the blender. Next up peanut butter? Give your child a spoonful before throwing the rest in.
  3. Buy a really cool straw. Kids love straws. Let them pick one out and get one for them that they will find super exciting and fun to use (only when drinking their smoothie!). 
  4. Share it! Grab a second straw and share the smoothie with your child. 
  5. Be Consistent. For some kids, it may take a little time. Just keep on trying. 

Bonus Tip! For kids a little bit older, call the smoothie something like “your run faster smoothie” or “your grow big muscles smoothie” to help them understand the true benefits of eating healthy!